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Our Technology

We offer the best and most advanced 3D/4D/HD/5D ultrasound technology.

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Anticipation Ultrasound Studio offers the finest 3D/4D/HD/5D elective prenatal ultrasound experience in Oklahoma. Our cutting-edge technology brings unbelievable images of your unborn baby to life!

Plus with our Live Video Stream technology, your family can watch your ultrasound from the comfort of their home during your appointment here in our studio!

Why Choose Anticipation Ultrasound?

Anticipation Ultrasound has been open since 2003.  We utilize state of the art equipment from the industry leader, GE, to ensure you have the best experience possible while peeking at your baby. With our Live Video Stream technology, your friends and family can also be included in your experience even if they cannot come to the studio.


We also provide a See Your Baby Guarantee! If we cannot get a good picture of your baby's face, we can try again another day, for free!