DNA Gender Test

What is a DNA Gender Test?

Anticipation Ultrasound offers an early gender DNA detection test to women starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy. We work in conjunction with Gateway Genomics to offer Sneak Peek DNA Clinical.  We draw a blood sample - see below for the options available to extract your blood - we then FedEx Express the blood sample to the Genomics Labs for processing. Results are available 2-3 days after your appointment or the next evening if you choose to Fast Track for an additional $20 fee. You will receive an email with your results. If you are at least 8 weeks, you will also receive an ultrasound to see the baby while you are at our studio! 

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How does the DNA Test work?

The Sneak Peek DNA Clinical test utilizes the natural process of shared fetal DNA circulating inside the mother's bloodstream. PCR technology can detect the presence or absence of male Y chromosome in the blood sample. If it is detected then the baby's gender is male and if it is not detected then the baby's gender is female.

When will I get my results?

The blood samples are shipped to the lab in California using FedEx Express and you will receive your results by email within 2 to 3 days. or you can upgrade for $20 extra to receive the results the next evening.

Is an appointment necessary?

Yes. You can book online or call our offices to schedule.

What does it cost?     $130

Options on DNA Blood Draw?

We offer 2 options for drawing your blood for the DNA Gender Test.

1.     SNAP device - a special device is attached to your arm that draws your blood. This option is offered more often at our studio. If you are squeamish about needles this is the option for you.

2.     Phlebotomist - a licensed phlebotomist will draw your blood. This is only offered a couple of times a month and is only available at our Tulsa office.

Both these options are reliable, generally painless, and offer the same accuracy rate. The advantage to the SNAP device is that we can offer it more times per month as we are not dependent upon a phlebotomist. With the SNAP device, our staff attaches the device to your upper arm and it slowly and painlessly draws a small amount of blood.

Once you are at our office, you use this link to activate the DNA test with the code we give you. This links your blood vial to your information!

When is the best time to view your baby?