Anticipation Ultrasound Studio



2D ultrasounds are the traditional black & white ultrasounds. The pictures show the skeletal structure of the baby. You can also see the baby moving. This is the type of ultrasound that was probably used for your diagnostic ultrasound.

3D imaging shows the tissue (skin) of the baby. These are the images that look like pictures of your baby rather than pictures of your baby's skeleton. You can see the roundness of the baby's face, the shape of the nose and the contours of the lips. The color is computer generated to enhance the pictures and make them more appealing.

4D/5D/HD imaging is video where you see the baby moving with amazing clarity. We capture still photos from the video. 5D/HD is software that is used to smooth out the picture and make it a sharper image. 

Are ultrasounds safe? 

Ultrasounds have been used since the 1950s. Many extensive studies over this time have shown that ultrasounds are not known to cause any harm to mother or baby. Discuss with your OB if you have any concerns.  Many Oklahoma doctors carry our business cards to give to their clients.

When is the best time schedule my appointment?

We can perform ultrasounds at any time during your pregnancy. However, the best time for 3D/4D images is between 28-32 weeks. After 32  weeks we can still get good pictures but the baby starts to get crowded. There is a link at the bottom of this page to help you determine which week  to schedule based upon your due date.

What type of training do you have?

All our imaging techs have been specially trained to do prenatal ultrasound imaging. We use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment specifically calibrated for O/B and fetal imaging. 

When will I receive the pictures AND VIDEO?

Everything is ready at your appointment. We will email you a link to download and watch the entire ultrasound session and we can email or text you a link to all the images. The video and images can be downloaded to your phone or computer for safekeeping.

Will you be able to tell if the baby is a girl or boy?

Yes, and gender determination is included in all our packages. We can check gender when you are 14 weeks pregnant. 

What if my baby is hiding and I don't get good pictures?

We will bring you back for a completely free session within one week. 

Do I need to have a full bladder?

No, a full bladder is not necessary. But, being well hydrated increases the transparency of the amniotic fluid which greatly affects the clarity of the images. If you want to maximize the likelihood of getting great images drink plenty of water for the 2 or 3 days before your appointment.

How many people can come with me to watch the session?

As many as you want! Our rooms are large enough to accommodate family members and friends. Bring everyone and anyone you want!

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Our sessions are by appointment only. You can schedule your appointment from this website or give us a call.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope, just the baby!